The Tontine

Client The Tontine

Architect CSN Consulting

Duration 8 weeks

Location Staddlebridge

A fast-track refurbishment of the restaurant, function rooms, bars, lounge, toilets and upgrade of the kitchen facilities.

The Tontine has been a popular dining spot for decades and it was important for the client to retain the same feel and look that had served it well for so long. The refurbishment works were fairly intensive but the end result had a very familiar feel due to the selection of similar colours and materials. Significant upgrade works were carried out to the kitchen areas, improving the facilities, equipment and layout.

The restaurant was closed for the duration of the project, which allowed the works to be completed ahead of schedule - from start to hand over took only 8 weeks.

The completed project gave The Tontine a vastly improved and modern appearance while also retaining the quirky feel that helped to build its reputation.

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