The Blackwell Grange Hotel

Client Bruhenny Grange Hotels

Architect Niven Architects / Simon Bartlett Interiors

Duration 7 weeks

Location The Blackwell Grange Hotel, Darlington

A contemporary refurbishment that perfectly compliments this 18th Century Listed Building.

The project consisted of a substantial refurbishment to upgrade the reception area, the Bruhenny Suite and bar, the Blackwell Lounge and external works and landscaping.

The hotel remained open during the refurbishment and so careful planning and coordination were essential to ensure the works were completed safely while also minimising disruption to the day-to-day operations of the hotel. The project was completed on a fast-track basis which meant that out-of-hours and weekend working were key to maintain programme - delays were not an option due to a wedding being booked on the weekend of project completion.

The end result is a striking combination of bold colours and bespoke styling that gives the hotel a contemporary and classy feel.

"We did it!

Very close but we got there in the end. Bride was delighted and cried when she walked into the room.

On behalf of myself and the team I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone for all the support, help and contribution in ensuring the Bruhenny suite and Blackwell Lounge were ready for the weekend. I know timescales were not ideal, and working round a fully operational Hotel whilst trying to achieve minimum disruption to the guests was never going to be easy.

The weekend has gone very well.

It was lovely to see the restaurant full today and turning tables away it’s a long time since we have had a Sunday like that hopefully this is the start of things to come.

I am looking forward to seeing the Blackwell Bar, the Elk Room, and Miss Allen bar upgraded, if these areas are to the standard of the areas we have already completed we are going to have a fantastic Hotel we will all be very proud of.

Once again thank you for working with me to achieve the refurbishment of the Bruhenny suite and ensuring critical pieces of business were not disappointed in the process.

I have waited 20 years for this refurbishment and it has been worth waiting for."

Thank You

Dawn Raine, General Manager, Blackwell Grange Hotel

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